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Campaign News - In the News | May 06, 2020

Gascon Says Lacey Should Prosecute LAPD Cop In Videotaped Beating

The man seeking to unseat L.A. County District Attorney Jackey Lacey in the November election has called on her to file criminal charges against the LAPD officer who was caught on videotape repeatedly punching a man. Former San Francisco DA George Gascon said the still unidentified officer clearly used excessive force. 鈥淚 have a problem […]
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Campaign News - In the News | May 04, 2020

Why Liberal Californians Don鈥檛 Want to Go Back to Normal

LOS ANGELES 鈥 Housing for those who are homeless. Criminal justice reform. Addressing the digital divide for schoolchildren in rural areas. Propelled by the urgency of the coronavirus crisis, and despite severe economic headwinds, liberal Californians see this moment as an opening to push through an agenda that addresses some of the state鈥檚 most intractable […]
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In the News | Dec 10, 2019

L.A. County Democrats endorse Gasc贸n in competitive district attorney鈥檚 race

Los Angeles County Democrats endorsed former San Francisco Dist. Atty. George Gasc贸n over incumbent Jackie Lacey on Tuesday night, intensifying what鈥檚 expected to be a hard-fought race to determine who will serve as the county鈥檚 top prosecutor beyond 2020.
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In the News | Nov 22, 2019

DA candidate drops out in LA County, endorses George Gascon

Joseph Iniguez said in a statement there is “simply too much riding on this race, and for that reason, I am stepping aside.”
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In the News | Nov 11, 2019

Meet George Gasc贸n, the Progressive Ex-Cop Challenging Jackie Lacey for D.A.

The former San Francisco D.A. talks about returning home and fixing the 鈥檛oxic鈥 criminal justice system
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