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Campaign News - In the News | Nov 21, 2023

District Attorney George Gasc贸n Kicks Off 2024 Reelection Campaign

LOS ANGELES鈥擳oday District Attorney George Gasc贸n kicked off his 2024 reelection campaign surrounded by a broad coalition of Democrats, organized labor, community leaders and fellow elected officials. With less than five months before the Primary Election, Gasc贸n is well-positioned to hold an organizing and voter turnout advantage among the communities and consistencies essential to any […]
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Campaign News - In the News | Feb 17, 2021

Los Angeles DA George Gasc贸n Leaves California’s Powerful DA Association

Los Angeles County鈥檚 newly elected district attorney George Gasc贸n resigned today from the California District Attorney鈥檚 Association (CDAA), the group that represents most California DAs and that is now fighting Gasc贸n鈥檚 criminal justice reforms […]
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Campaign News - In the News | Feb 09, 2021

Editorial: Archaic 鈥榯ough-on-crime鈥 holdouts are refusing to let George Gasc贸n do his job

“L.A. County voters chose to continue on a path toward reform and away from the policies of the 1970s. Elections mean little if victors are denied the ability to shift direction […]”
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Campaign News - In the News | Feb 05, 2021

Stop the attempt to derail D.A. George Gasc贸n鈥檚 criminal justice reforms

Deputy district attorneys in Los Angeles County are trying hard to undermine the efforts of George Gasc贸n, who was elected Los Angeles County district attorney on a vision of reforming the criminal justice system. Just weeks after he assumed office, the Assn. of Deputy District Attorneys聽filed a lawsuit to stop Gasc贸n from fulfilling this promise. […]
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Campaign News - In the News | Oct 26, 2020

George Gasc贸n for Los Angeles County district attorney

George聽 Gasc贸n, former assistant chief of the Los Angeles Police Department and San Francisco district attorney, has long been right about the same criminal justice matters Lacey has been wrong about. If elected, Gasc贸n will build on the approaches Lacey has been right about, particularly on mental health and diversion for low-level, non-violent offenders. Gasc贸n鈥檚 […]
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