鈥淕asc贸n has vowed to prioritize and use data to focus on violent and repeat offenders, while pursuing alternatives to incarceration when it makes sense to do so. With L.A. County鈥檚 justice system full of people with mental health and substance-abuse problems, it鈥檚 time to try something new. We endorse Gasc贸n.鈥*

鈥淎s a lifelong public servant and a steward of progressive change, George Gasc贸n is the right choice for Los Angeles County DA,鈥 Arisha Hatch, Director of Color Of Change PAC, said. 鈥淕asc贸n has proven that we can achieve public safety without criminalizing Black people or relying on incarceration. As Los Angeles County District Attorney, we are confident he will bring the change and reform that Los Angeles desperately needs.鈥

鈥淚n 2009 I first turned to George Gasc贸n to lead the San Francisco Police Department because of his track record of getting results. Sixteen months later police were actively engaging the community and homicides had plummeted by more than 50 percent. That鈥檚 why, in my last act as a Mayor, I turned to him once more to succeed then-DA Kamala Harris. Over the next nine years he famously reduced crime while reducing incarceration, and he burnished a national reputation as a leader in the fight to reform our dated system of justice. This November Angelenos will choose who to turn to as calls to reimagine our dated system of justice grow louder, and I urge them to join me once again in turning to George Gasc贸n.鈥

鈥淕eorge Gasc贸n is a proven leader of national significance when it comes to reforming our criminal justice system,鈥 said U.S. Senator Kamala Harris. 鈥淎s DA of San Francisco, George led fights to reform the Three Strikes Law, decrease the state prison population and get people convicted of nonviolent offenses greater opportunities to get their lives back on track. As DA of LA County, I know George Gasc贸n will work every day to keep our communities safe and demand real accountability from our justice system and real justice for every Angeleno.鈥

"George Gasc贸n is running in a race the LA Times called the most important contest in the country outside of the presidency. Los Angeles is home to the largest criminal justice jurisdiction and jail in the nation. George is facing a two-term "tough on crime" incumbent who has been criticized by Black Lives Matter and the ACLU for failing to hold officers accountable for excessive use of force."

鈥淕eorge Gasc贸n has been a national leader in criminal justice reform and a powerful advocate for rethinking our approach to public safety and ending mass incarceration. I鈥檓 proud to endorse him for Los Angeles County District Attorney.鈥

鈥淚 am proud to endorse George Gasc贸n for District Attorney. He knows how to promote public safety through partnerships with and beyond law enforcement. George Gasc贸n will help our county shift the burden from the criminal justice system and jails toward diversion, intervention, and re-entry programs that save money and save lives. He is a leader who I have known and trusted for nearly twenty years who can meet this moment.鈥

"I am proud to announce my endorsement of George Gasc贸n for Los Angeles County District Attorney,鈥 said Dolores Huerta, civil rights activist and co-founder of the National Farmworkers Association. 鈥淗is successful track record of progressive policies, and ability to simultaneously lower violent crime and protect our communities, proves that George is the champion we need to fundamentally reform LA鈥檚 criminal justice system. I am confident that under his leadership the District Attorney鈥檚 office will become a powerful ally in this important fight for equity, safety, and justice for all of our communities.鈥