DA Lacey's Support Softens Amidst Wave of Protests

LOS ANGELES 鈥撀Today, George Gasc贸n’s campaign for Los Angeles District Attorney announced that it raised $101,575 since May 30. The flood of support is a testament to Gasc贸n’s progressive vision at a time of renewed focus in our nation’s criminal justice system.

“The criminal justice system is the frontline of America’s dialogue on race and inequality,” said former District Attorney and Assistant Chief of the LAPD, George Gasc贸n.聽 “The murder of George Floyd has sparked global protests, but nowhere is the need for change more urgent than here in LA where the elected advocate of the people has become the police union’s premier apologist for police brutality. From the streets of downtown LA to the suburbs in the valley, Angelenos are raising their voices聽and turning their anger and disgust into action.”

Gasc贸n’s grassroots campaign raised the $101,575 from 4,993 contributions, including 4,953 first-time donors. The average contribution was just $20.80. Additionally, over 200 people have signed up to volunteer.

By contrast, according to the most recent filings, incumbent Jackie Lacey received contributions from just 979 contributors overall, averaging $841 per contribution. Importantly, while Mr. Gasc贸n and other prosecutors and elected officials across California are seeking to #CureTheConflict of interest by rejecting campaign cash from police unions, Jackie Lacey has accepted thousands in direct contributions from law enforcement groups, and millions in outside support. George Gasc贸n has accepted $0 from police unions and has pledged never to accept their support.

The generous contributions come in the wake of major endorsements of Gasc贸n from Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Juli谩n Castro. Notably, Jackie Lacey has failed to secure any major endorsements since Gasc贸n entered the race in October, and earlier today one of her most prominent supporters, Mayor Garcetti, appeared to walk back his support.

Team Gasc贸n is grateful for the outpouring of interest and support and we look forward to working with the community to bring real change and accountability to Los Angeles.