This toolkit contains graphics that you can leverage to fight for criminal justice system reform in Los Angeles and defeat incumbent Jackie Lacey.

We urge you to download graphics, post them across your social media platforms, and share why you鈥檙e supporting #GeorgeGasc贸n for District Attorney. Statistics included have been thoroughly fact-checked and verified by credible publications.聽

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Sample Tweets

Use one of the below templates to show your support for George on social media, and be sure to tag us at @GeorgeGascon! You can also check out the most recent advisories and campaign updates聽to keep your followers up to date.

  • [email protected] has spent his life working to make our justice system work for everyone, not just the wealthy and well connected. As DA, he reduced violent crime to historic lows AND fought for criminal justice reform. Vote #Gasc贸n for LA County District Attorney! #LADA2020
  • When @GeorgeGascon was SF DA he prosecuted over 30 police officers and was the only DA in the state to advocate for stricter police use of force standards. As LA District Attorney he鈥檒l hold law enforcement accountable #LAPD #LADA #ProgressiveProsecutor
  • No one knows use of force policy like @GeorgeGascon. He oversaw the LAPD review process, as SF DA, prosecuted over 30 officers, created the state鈥檚 first independent investigation bureau, and helped pass stricter legal standards. As #LADA, he’ll bring #justice.
  • [email protected]鈥檚 vision 4 holding law enforcement accountable is backed by decades of experience, science & data. #PoliceAccountability #ProgressiveProsecutor
  • George Gasc贸n is standing up for women and survivors. As District Attorney, he prosecuted more than DOUBLE the national average of sexual assault cases and successfully fought to test every backlogged rape kit. #LADA2020 #TeamGasc贸n #vote2020 #Gasc贸nForLADA
  • I鈥檓 proud to be supporting George Gasc贸n for LA County District Attorney! His record shows he will work to hold corporate polluters accountable while making our communities safer. #LADA2020 #TeamGasc贸n #vote2020 #Gasc贸nForLADA
  • Join me in voting for George Gasc贸n on November 3rd for LA County District Attorney! @GeorgeGascon will provide more rehabilitative programs in prisons like education, job training and drug treatment. #TeamGasc贸n #schoolsnotprisons #LADA2020

Sample Images

High resolution photos of George are available for download on our聽flickr page, or repost the below images directly to your channels!